I remember when I was at school, I couldn’t wait to grow up and start university. I was in such a hurry, while days, months and years felt so slow to me.

One time, my old man told me that I should cherish the days I’m living, because I have little to worry about. My priorities back then were school, and only school.
I always remembered what my dad told me, but I never really understood it until I got a job, and everything in my life changed.
Time started to go by faster than it did when I was at school.

When you get a job, your time won’t be yours anymore. You will barely have enough time to do the things you love anymore. And maybe before you know it, you’ll be buying diapers for your babies.

Maybe it’s all relative. Maybe time felt slower at school because we wanted to grow up, and time feels faster as you grow because you don’t want to grow old.
Or maybe it’s all because of the responsibilities and worries that we have as we grow. Maybe having too much to worry about makes us forget about time.

Whether you’re still at school while reading this, or you’re an old man who’s almost retiring, there’s one advice that fits all ages:
Make the best out of your life. Have a positive attitude.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Happy New Year habib el alb. It was great knowing you on Twitter all year long, meeting up with you in October, and still enjoying your tweets and blog posts. Keep up the great work and may you have a more shining 2014, brother Tawa.

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