A short message to the atheists.

This is a very short message that revolves around one idea. Atheism and Intelligence.

Yes, there have been studies comparing religious belief and I.Q.

BUT, just because you decided to become Atheist, doesn’t make you smarter. And here is my short explanation.

The study shows that the higher the person’s IQ, the more likely they be atheist. However, there are also atheists with low IQ.
Now hold that thought for a moment.

Religious people tend to think that atheists are confused, they don’t know enough about religion and God, or whatever.

However, most atheists tend to see themselves as smarter than the religions. Now, coming back to my previous point. There are also atheists with low IQ. Which means, even if you’re atheist, and claiming to be smarter than the others, you may also be as dumb as you think the religious people are.

So yes, Mr. self-proclaimed atheist, stop bragging about something that you haven’t proven yourself to be.

TL;DR ~> Being an atheist isn’t proof that you’re smarter than others.

One thought on “A short message to the atheists.

  1. To be religious literally implicate that you are utterly relying on a divine being (Father, God), to whom you address your needs, you exult, you praise for his omnipotence, etc…
    IQ has nothing to do with this. IQ relates to how your left brain scrutinize what your right brain absorbs as images, voices etc, and classifies them in a methodological manner.

    The argument can go on and on, but I daresay that Atheist is someone who declares his oneness, not as a part of the Universal body.
    Thank you

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