A short message to the religious

When people are born, typically, they’re raised by a mom and a dad. They learn a lot from them, and they grow up doing most of their habits.
So, as you grow up, you become familiar with your parents’ religion. You get used to the way they pray. You accept their God, their ways of life.

Most of you reading the above lived that way. This is how you acquired your religion, and you barely learned about others, but you don’t have to. Why? Because you’re okay with yours.
Some people consider this as child abuse. When you only educate your children about one religion, you impose it on them, you don’t give them a choice. And this is the first brainwashing a person survives.

You are aware of the concept of brainwashing. A popular example of the brainwashed people is a person who is willing to blow himself up because he’s convinced that a great reward is waiting for him in “Heaven”. Take a moment to think about how you were brainwashed as a child into believing that your religion is the “Truth”.

“There is no such thing as a Christian child: only a child of Christian parents.”
― Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion

Whether your religion is peaceful or not, you don’t have the right to mock that person who blew himself up to kill others in the name of Allah. Because in your turn, your religion is doing a wonderful job into making you believe in things that might be false, and it also is limiting your imagination, blocking you from scientific truths at some point.

“I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with senses, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use…”
― Galileo Galilei

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14 thoughts on “A short message to the religious

  1. this is extremely true, yet doing any negative thing in the name of God is unacceptable. I would like to hear a longer letter. As we all have known that you are an atheist, did you manage to learn/read every religion to form such a belief?

  2. I don’t agree with you, I think that religion is stronger than science. There are many things that science couldn’t explain but they’re true and mentioned in religious books. I don’t want to set the lights on my religion but there’s a clue for everything mentioned.

    1. Religion is not stronger than science. To me religion is parallel to politics when it comes to controlling people’s minds.
      Religion doesn’t give you a pure explanation to gravity, nor to how planets orbit around the sun.

      There are lots of things that religion can’t explain. The only thing that it provides is a fairy-tail about what will happen after we die.

  3. I just feel bad for you because you never will feel the peace inside that only comes from knowing there is a great power called god who is there for you no matter what, when you feel overwhelmed and lost only him can get you out of that dark circle, only onto him you can throw all your burdens and ask for help and support…

    1. I understand why you feel bad for me. I used to believe in the God you talk about, but then I learned that it all is just an illusion.
      It’s some sort of placebo effect that you do to yourself. To me it’s just like talking to an imaginary friend.
      But hey, if a person feels good doing so, I totally understand. Everyone needs something to make them feel comfortable in bad times, so if God does that to people, then why not?

  4. Your message is very reasonable and logical. But as one of the previous commentators just said, one cannot simply commit something as sinful as a suicide bomb, and then blame it on his so called Allah that asked him to do so.
    Personally, I think religion and science are both somehow beyond humankind’s brain ability to assume which is superior to which, because it is yet very difficult for human beings fully understand and acknowledge both of science and religion.
    I go for science.

  5. Why do the religious assume non believers are sad sad people? Science is very fascinating and to be honest it has given me more inner peace than religion could ever give.

    I love your blog btw!

  6. NICE .. keep up the good work and maybe one day we will be a free non-manipulated educated society. after all on the inside of each one of , u know it is right but u r afraid to admit.

    1. Atheists are sad. It’s not all about God but it’s something more. If you think about it, nothing is logical! Love isn’t! Hate isn’t. Emotions are not logical but yet we feel them. If you believe in no God pray to your inner self. Pray. Just pray to find the truth. This will lead you to something more. Be spiritual. Science without religion is lame as Einstein once said.

      1. Who decided that Atheists are sad? I am Atheist, and I’m not even close to being sad. And no one said that it’s all about God.
        Also, nothing is logical? what are you talking about? Love, hate, and all the emotions have been explained by hormones in the body. That’s how we feel them.
        Your information is outdated.

  7. This is true but I think also that the person once grow he should read and educate himself about his religion, like if there are things in his religion doesnot feel comfort about or he suspects that this thing is wrong. Now the world changed, he can look for any information through many ways.

  8. I’ll be as nice as possible when posting this: All this “I choose science, not religion” commenting just shows me most of you know very little about the supporting evidence for God and the afterlife. Science is no way contradicts God and the spiritual realm; it only is incompatible with mythology in holy books that are more poetic than historic.

    While some scientific theories make God unneeded in the universe/universes, OTHER scientific theories add indirect support for a higher power. Why do you think there are brilliant religious scientists today?

    I could recommend you science-based books exploring God and the afterlife, but that’s only of course if you want to be open minded. I read both atheistic and theistic supporting book, and with what I know, I must lean towards the direction that a higher power exists.

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