/əˈbout mē/

My 157 character bio on Twitter states the following:
“Part-time Daydreamer, Full-time Realist.
A man with a plan.
I’m the type of people whose lives taught them to look both ways while crossing a one way street.”

I figured that’s not enough to introduce a person, so the following is a longer one.

I am just a Lebanese guy trying to find explanations for everything around me. My name is Tawa Nicolas, born in 1989.
For those wondering, Tawa is my first name, it is the arabic version of the name Theo, which stands for Brave People, and God’s Gift [ironically]. In Arabic, it’s spelled as: توا
What I do is make games for Android and iOS, it’s a hell of a challenge, and a lot of fun. I actually enjoy my job.
I spend a lot of time on the bus, which means that I daydream a lot. Some say I’m good at being sarcastic, and that’s what I try to do.

I refuse the control of medieval religions over my mind and thoughts, I also can’t accept the limitations that religion impose on science, and imagination.

Apparently having a lot of followers on Twitter makes you some sort of Twelebrity.
I have been active on Twitter for a while now, you can check my top tweets on my favstar profile on: Most Retweeted and Most Favorited.

I started this blog because it was the best way to defeat the 140 character limit on Twitter.
I will be blogging about various stuff, from social problems to technology news and music, among other topics.
I am here to criticize, I believe that the objective and well constructed criticism is one of the keys to progress in society. I also believe that anyone has the right to criticize anything, the difference is that some critics are taken more seriously than other, and the reason behind that is how well the ideas are represented.

I hope you enjoy my blog, feel free to contact via Twitter for any comment or feedback you have.

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