Be Positive

I don’t believe that life is short. Life is only short if you know how to live, and how to enjoy every day of it.

This post is somehow related to Moving Forward that I wrote a couple of months ago.

Life is long, 60 seconds per minute, 24 hours to the  day, 365 days in a year. And some people live to be 70 and 80 years old. Can you imagine how long that is? Usually that includes going to school, university, getting a job, getting married, having kids, etc. Think of how much time that takes. And anything that long can be boring.

But of course, everything is relative. When I’m excited about something that is two days  from now, I feel that two days is a very long duration. But when I have a 10 day vacation from work, I feel that 10 days are very short, and somehow they pass very fast.

What contributes the most to the feeling that life is short is that we spend the majority of time sleeping, going to work/school. If we could spend all that time working doing something else instead, life would feel longer.

No matter how happy, excited, sad or frustrated you are, life is moving at 60 minutes per hour. The secret is to know how to enjoy that.

I think that in life, we are bound to face a lot of problems, too much negativity, people who are a bad influence, and some of them want to bring you down. My idea of a happy life is to get rid of all that. Of course, there are things which you can’t control in your life. But the people who are a bad influence are mostly people who are around you. What I do is stay away from everything negative, and be positive as much as possible.

If a friend give you bad time, or is not honest about your friendship, just kick them out of your life. You have control over your life, who you choose to befriend. Make good friends. Ones who you can trust.
If someone try to bring you down in order to feel good himself, just laugh at him, to his face, be honest about him to his face and tell him that you think he’s only making fun of you to be able to feel good about himself.

Being positive is the essence of being happy. Enjoy everything in life, that way you’ll feel truly that life is short and not boring, and time will be on your side.

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