Yesterday I was surrounded by a large group of friends, the best kind of friends anyone could wish for.

But before I tell you about that, let me back up a little. Early in 2013 I lost friendships that I invested a lot of time in, friendships that started a while after I came back to Lebanon from Qatar, and I discovered that I had over-estimated the relationships. That left me in a sad and lonely place. Especially that in your mid-20s you find out that it gets difficult to make new friends.

I felt bad for a very long time, I kept missing the days when I had someone around, someone who would join me in any impromptu drive I had to make. Someone to hang out with at random times of the day. A best friend.

And that feeling lingered for a long time until, on my birthday in 2015, Melissa organized a surprise party for me, where she invited a lot of friends. And it was extremely fun, and it made me realize how many good friends I have.

I discovered that what I was actually missing was not the friends that I lost, but rather the days when I was still a university student with no job, nothing to worry about, when my biggest concern was a final exam.

After my 2015 Birthday party, I realized that I didn’t need an occasion to gather with people I care about, people I want to be surrounded by. Which brings us back to yesterday.

It was beautiful, a group of the best people I know, I was overjoyed. I am so lucky to know this many people I can enjoy my time with.

To the people who promptly said they’ll make it to the dinner,
to the ones who came from the other side of the country. To the ones who I talk to every day, even the ones whom I see once every few months. You are very dear to me.

Thank you.

When I used to play the Piano

In January 2002, it was my younger sister’s birthday, and she wanted a keyboard to learn playing on the Piano. We used to live in Qatar back then.

My father bought her back then a Casio keyboard, which had a small screen through which you can learn to play some musical pieces, the screen shows you which keys to press, and you play along.

My sister lost interest in playing very quickly, and I was curious enough to take over the keyboard, and set it up in my room, and I started learning by myself, through that little screen.

At first, I started learning to play Beethoven’s Fur Elise melody, after finishing it, I learned more small melodies. I also learned Mozart’s Turkish March, and Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata 3rd movement. And the last piece I learned was Chopin’s Fantaisie Impromptu Op. 66 in 2005.

The pieces that I used to play were very few. But my youngest sister started to learn to play during that time with a teacher at our school. That teacher heard that I learned to play the Piano by myself, so she started asking me to play at the concerts she did to her students. And I did.

In 2006, I played for the last time in a concert, and here’s the video:

Quickly after that, I got bored of playing the Piano, because I didn’t have one at home, and I couldn’t get out, because we were moving from Qatar to Lebanon. And I sort of forgot the whole thing, and my passion to playing the piano faded.

I plan to buy a piano one day, and learn everything again. But these days, my time is spent on work, studies, and personal projects.

– The End.