Loving someone, and treating them right are two different things.

You could be so much in love with your wife. She gives meaning to your life. Your world is not that important if she isn’t there. You work hard every day to provide for her and your family.

But you come back home from work one day stressed and angry as fuck, and then you beat the shit out of her.

You still love her, she’s still means the world to you. You still wake up every day to go to work and provide for her. But somehow along the way society made it difficult for you to be calm and care for the beautiful things.

You could be the best father in the world, you take your boy to the movies every weekend. You teach him how to do handy work. He looks up to you. You are your daughter’s first hero, you protected her from the boogie man, the monster in her closet fled long time ago because he knew he doesn’t stand a chance against you.

But somehow you were overprotective. Your daughter couldn’t keep a boyfriend because you were scary. Your son’s friends don’t feel comfortable around you because they saw how angry you get when you’re upset.

The good things you do were outnumbered by the times you got angry and made everyone feel horrible about stuff that don’t matter. You spent your life trying to make the family that you love happy, but you lost your way.

The end.

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