Moving Forward

I turned 24 last Friday, and lately I started noticing how life is moving so fast.

Now, my topic is not how life is moving fast, but rather about a few stuff that change during our life, especially in the years at which you move from school to university to the work life.

When you graduate from school and get into university, you start meeting new people, you start to feel more responsible, for many reasons, like for example, at university, your teacher won’t care if you failed an exam.
No one is there to look after you, you slowly start learning to be independent.
Also, your interests change from school to university. Your new friends influence the things that you enjoy, how you have fun, the places you visit, etc…

When you graduate from university and get a job, everything changes again. More responsibilities, more things to worry about. You become one of those people who can’t wait for 17:00 to leave work and get stuck in traffic. You also wait for the end of the month to be happy again for a couple of days.

Our goals in life change regularly. At school, all you wanted to do is get back home and have fun with our friends. At university, we start thinking about our future. When we get a job, we start worrying about bills, how to get a house, get married and start a family.

The things we enjoy also change. When we were kids, the ultimate joy was to watch cartoon and eat candy. Maybe we still enjoy them later on, but now we know that candy makes us gain weight, and it wouldn’t be as funny anymore watching Jerry beat the shit out of Tom.

The important things to me is knowing how to move forward in your life. I am in a constant need to improve myself. And over the years I learned that worrying doesn’t do any good, getting angry is never a solution, and enjoying what I have is always good. I live and let live. And stay away from the people who are after trouble.

Looking backward to yourself a year ago, and thinking how stupid you were, is something good. If you think you were stupid last year, it means that you are now a better person. At least to yourself.

I’m hoping to read this article on my 25th birthday, and thinking that I was on the right track.

Thank you for reading.

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