Serendipity and Fog of Life.

You think that you have a plan for your future sometimes, but it turns out to be totally different than expected.

I like to compare life to a walk into a mist. You can’t see very much far ahead, you can either see objects that are too close, or objects that have lights on them.

Close objects are stuff like today’s lunch or next weekend’s plans.  Objects with lights on them are what you’re gonna do after you graduate, although sometimes the light can be dim and you won’t be able to see that far.

Although you can bring a light with you in the mist and see in the direction you choose, but sometimes you can’t see a puddle that’s only a few steps in front of you because you were looking up.

Life will hand you all sorts of surprises, some will crush you, others will make you happy, and a few of them will change your life.

I’ve had my share of them all, and I don’t know what the purpose of this post is, but tomorrow I will be celebrating the anniversary of a surprise that changed my life.

What life taught me is that patience is necessary for a safe walk in the mist, and so far I’ve been enjoying the journey.

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