The System

You’re born, the first very few years you’re a clueless fart, you have no idea what this world is all about. You just play, laugh, have fun, frequently poop, etc.

Few years later, you’re at school, you still like to have fun, but now you have to study and spend time learning about this world. But, you still don’t know about the system.

Years go by, you’re getting closer to college, you now know what you want to do about your future. Along the road, you started dreaming about becoming a millionaire, buying everything you want, having an ideal life, totally oblivious to the system.

Then, you’re done with school, and move to college, you’re probably studying something that you thought you like, and maybe you’re one of the few lucky people who actually love their domain of study/work.
Come graduation, you may instantly find a job, or spend months looking for one. When you finally start working, you start thinking of and feeling sad about how you didn’t take advantage of the free time that you had when you were at college and school.

Your time is not yours anymore, you have to wake up early, get stuck in traffic, and spend your whole day doing something you don’t like so that other people would make money off of it just so you would get a paycheck at the end of the month.

You have instantly got sucked into the system. You are now living the routine, you have a lot to worry about, you avoid the stuff that give more worry.
Everything is getting more expensive, bread, gas, houses. But what can you do about it? Will you riot? You won’t. You already have a lot to worry about.
You just want the end of the month to come so you would get your money and pay your dues, from electricity bill, gas, phone bill, etc.
You even forgot about your dream to go around the world. Your dream to own a super-car. An expensive house. Now all you care about is having a place to sleep, a car that gets you places you want to go.

This is the real world, my friend, and it’s sad. They don’t tell you about it in movies.


2 thoughts on “The System

  1. unless we actually work in the domain we like..then even the routine is barable because we’ll be living our dream,our passion everyday

  2. ضب الشنتة وتعا على دبي، مش عم قلك رح تجمع ثروة هون، بس عالقليلة بتعيش حياة رايقة نسبياً ومريحة. سماع من هالدقن.

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