Why did the chicken cross the road?

As most of you might already know, Beirut is a crowded city. In some of the streets, buildings are so close next to each other. And people living there can’t find a place to park their car.

The reason behind it is that Beirut runs most of the economy of Lebanon. In addition to the population that already lives in the capital, a lot of employees live in other cities, and have to travel back and forth every day between their job in the capital and their house.

In Europe, rare are the people who actually need a car. Public transportation is so organized, cheap, and safe that people wouldn’t bother thinking about buying a car. University students are a metro ride away from their class, some people take the tramway to reach their office.

On the other hand, in Lebanon, if you don’t own a car, you are looked down upon, you are stereotyped as either poor, or cheap. In addition, the public transportation sector is ignored by the government (safety, health, and regulation wise). To ride the bus from the North to Beirut, there’s a high chance that you’ll end up with someone smoking on the bus, or the driver is going way over the speed limit, or maybe both. Not to mention the grumpy, unfriendly people you face. You’d ask someone to put his cigarette out, and you suddenly turn into his own psychiatrist, and you have to listen to him nag about his life, like it was your fault he didn’t pass the official exams and he has to work as a security guy at a small building.

Speaking of bad public transportation, does anyone remember the bus accident that happened a couple of weeks ago and 3 people died?
I thought so.

The high density of cars going in and out of Beirut each day is gargantuan. Everyday there’s high traffic in the morning at the entrance of the capital, and it’s as usual bad traffic after 17:00, when everyone is leaving to their home.
Also, cars that stay in Beirut make it difficult for people to find a parking space. People can’t even park their car under the building they’re living in.
There are more cars than parking spaces.

And you know what is making it worse to park your car in Beirut? Valet parking.
Yes, of course, you can’t park your car outside your house, because a Valet parking is using that spot to make a living. It’s not his fault, there aren’t enough jobs for everyone, and people have to create fake jobs to make it through this world.

Now, I don’t know why the chicken crossed the road. But I think it was an angry chicken, and there’s a high chance that it didn’t want to give her car to the valet parking, so it had to park on the other side of the road.

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